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Thread: how to tell what gear my bike is in

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    how to tell what gear my bike is in

    OK guys so haven bit of trouble I'm trying to do a shift pawl adjustment ,but don't know what gear my transmission is in ,the hole in the detent plate is pointed to the clutch shaft and I can only make it move up one shift ,but never can get it to the point to do the shift pawl adjustment . also its really hard to shift so I really need to know what I can do to get to the point I need it ,and yes iv read the manual but didn't see anything about how to tell what gear the bike is in

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    Rolling the back tire while pressing on down on the shifter will help it down shift to first, then go up a 1/2 and that's neutral.

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    Iv tried that it still won't go that far ,and cooter you were right I ment to tell you I made new pins the ones that broke out of 3/16 solid steel dowl ,lows sells it in 4 foot pieces so I cut them 8mm long and rounded the points like a brocken tip pincel and the fit perfect , but the but the shift drum so stiff im worried about breaken them again .

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