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Thread: Buell XB starter problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    Read the thread, all the options are there. The choice is yours.

    You can get the step-by-step starter removal instructions from the free manual download at or You don't need to rotate the engine, but you do need to pull the primary. No need to remove the clutch basket to get at the one 1/2 hidden bolt, take out the easy one first, then cheat the second one with a ball-ended allen. Starter comes right out.
    do I need to down load the 2009 Service Manual thing for the tarter removal?

    Parts arived to day from all balls... so, expect a few questions

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    If you are unsure, then I would definitely suggest downloading the .pdf manual from or and reading the whole procedure a couple times before tearing into the bike. Then you'll understand my little trick

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    Did you guys use a paper gasket between the starter and the crankcase? I just ordered a Sportster gasket and it came in thin paper, not steel like the one I removed.
    Just curious. I don't want to wait the 2 weeks to get the steel/rubber gasket from the States to Canada where I live. Plus itll be 60$ more than the one I have already.

    Also, side note for anyone in the future looking for tips, removing the snap ring that hold the overrun clutch to the other piece is a pain in the ass. If you can afford it, just buy the two assembled already. I wasted a night on it, then needed the GFs help the next day and in no time she was cursing like a true mechanic. Not sure if there is a special tool for it but I had to modify the snap ring pliers that I bought for the job.

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