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Thread: Engine Idle 200-300rpm surge

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    Engine Idle 200-300rpm surge

    Just did exhaust wrap and paint, oil change to Royal Purple (Crank + Trans), rocker gasket seals, and a very late 10,000 mile service and check with everything well within limits. Before doing the tune up I'd have the odd bog on fast throttle pull. Now on warm up the engine will continually surge it's idle from 900rpm-1300rpm with the odd miss fire. Once warmed up and on the move it's smooth and revs very easily... runs like a champ over the last few weeks but has bogged on hard launch a few times. I've re-checked and adjusted the clutch and throttle cables and performed a TPS reset and idle adjustment by the book and checked and rechecked all the electrical connections atop the engine (from the drop), but the warm up surging continues. I notice when on ECMSpy it will run in Open Loop for idle until it hits a missfire when the Region changes to something too quick to check. Wondering if it's the O2 sensor, but would like some ideas before I drop the engine again. Only 13,250 mi on the bike.

    Any ideas?
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