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Thread: Idiot lights stay on for awhile...

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    Idiot lights stay on for awhile...

    Hey Buellers,
    So I've had this 09 ULY for two weeks, and now the NEUTRAL light comes on at initial start-up and stays on, until about 5 miles into a ride when the yellow "CHECK ENGINE" light comes on. When this happened the first time, I pulled over and as the motor went to a slow idle, BOTH lights were extinguished. The check engine light doesn't reappear and all is good. The neutral light illuminates at the appropriate times, thereafter. This has happened a few times now.

    Any guesses as to why this is happening? Thanks for any and all input.
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    The "neutral light illuminates when the tranny is in neutral"??

    The circuit must be grounded to turn that light on. The neutral switch is behind the belt pully at about the 4 o'clock position. You can remove it without removing the pulley using good needle nose pliers. Then you can clean it or replace it if that the issue.

    You can check the code that turned on the CEL by:

    (Copied from Steve on BadWeb

    Easy. First thing to do is locate your diagnostic test plug under the seat. It's an empty four pin connector. If you're looking at it with the pins facing you and the locking tab at the 12:00 position, the pins are numbered as follows:

    Pin 1 -- upper right corner
    Pin 2 -- lower right corner
    Pin 3 -- lower left corner
    Pin 4 -- upper left corner

    With the ignition switch off, install a jumper wire across pins 1 and 2 in the diagnostic plug.

    Turn the ignition switch to the ON position and wait approximately 8 seconds for the check engine light to start flashing.

    All trouble codes are sent out as a series of flashes. To rettrieve the first digit of the code, simply observe the number of times the lamp flashes.

    The transmission of a trouble code is always preceeded by six rapid flashes (about 3 per second). This transmission is followed by a 2 second pause in which the lamp is off. The lamp will then flash one or more times to indicate the first digit of the trouble code. The length of time that the lamp will be either on or off when indicating a trouble code is about 1 second in duration.

    Following the transmission of the first digit in the trouble code, there will be another two second pause before the second digit is transmitted.

    After the second digit is transmitted, there will be another 2 second pause. After the pause comes another intermission (six rapid flashes) after which the next stored code is transmitted in the same manner. Once all the trouble codes have been displayed, the sequence will repeat.

    If all you observe is the rapid flashing, then no trouble codes have been stored.

    When done, turn the ignition key off and remove the jumper wire.

    There is no way to clear trouble codes using this method. The only way to clear codes without hooking the bike up to a computer is to take the bike through 50 start and run cycles (start engine, run for at least 30 seconds, shut it off).

    The trouble codes are as follows:

    11 Throttle position sensor
    13 Oxygen sensor
    14 Engine temperature sensor
    15 Intake air temperature sensor
    16 Battery voltage
    21 Interactive muffler control (XB12 only)
    23 Front fuell injector
    24 Front ignition coil
    25 Rear ignition coil
    32 Rear fuell injector
    33 Fuell pump
    35 Tachometer
    36 Cooling fan
    44 Bank angle sensor
    52, 53, 54, 55 ECM failure
    56 Cam sync failure
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    Cooter, thanks for the reply. I did not convey what is happening very well. I was just trying to say that after the CEL comes on and then goes out at low rpm and never comes on again, the neutral light also goes out, and only comes on at the appropriate times.

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