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Thread: 04 xb12r sputtering at idle

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    Anyone know anything else to try?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xb12rbuell View Post
    Anyone know anything else to try?

    you're chasing your tail. your vague initial post that commenced this thread mentions nothing about the ecm history...other mods on the bike...and whether your xb ran like this from the moment you bought it used or ailments are new. back to the basics to resolve this and keep in mind that XB's and their ecm's do NOT react well to add-on tuner type modules. don't know the nuances of why but a long history on here of guys trying them...adding them....buying bikes with them installed and most all are garbage that perform horribly. fueling horribly rich at lower speeds as you mentioned? this was discovered how? plug reading? assuming the air intake system is stock and the filter is free-flowing all your problems relate to either a faulty ecm or an ecm that has been screwed with and you're unaware of how and whom did it. concentrate on the ecm and either resolve the mapping issue or replace it with stocker as baseline.

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    Does it warm up great and the run worse and worse as it heats?

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