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Thread: DDFI-2 to DDFI-3 conversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phelan View Post
    ...The only way to make DDFI3 work on the older bikes is to swap in an 08-10 motor, wiring harness, and ECM...
    Thankfully this is not true.

    Quote Originally Posted by AZmidget91 View Post
    You could change the connector. Just throwing out an option, not like anyone is actually going to go through all this work unless going to Eric's level

    DDFI-3 ECM has a reserved pin for cam position sensor input (Gray[3]]).
    The live data parameter Din[0] reflects the CMP state.

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    Any other updates on anyone doing this?

    The ECM (DDFI-3) will need to be reprogrammed to ignore a missing crank sensor. I want to swap to the DDFI-3 as well. ECM controlled idle dual O2 sensors, better resolution on the maps <--I've read that, haven't verified myself. I have a new throttle body from the 08+ for a 9. Just trying to figure out the coding side.
    I know there is no performance benefit. If I ever have to redo the engine I'd get a 08+ just for the crank sensor.

    I'm been pondering on how to emulate a Vtwin on the bench.
    ECMSPY has a CPS signal generator. Didn't know that till just recently. My initial idea was to use a Jim Stim. However I'm not sure the buell wheel pattern. Once the wheel pattern is found, everything else should be just resistors.

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    It's easier than that. A DDFI-3 ECM can take the DDFI-2 style cam sensor input, no engine mods needed

    Give the guys at a call. They might even have an adaptor harness to convert the ECM plugs for you, but you didn't hear it from me!

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