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Thread: Exhaust Straps?

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    The service manual calls for the rear strap fasteners to be torqued to 60-80 lb/in. However, for the front strap fastener it calls for 108-120 lb/in., back the nut off 2 turns then retorque to 108-120 lb/in. That would work if you had absolutely no lubrication on the clamp bolt (Loctite or oil) and if the bolt wasn't plated. I say this because the first time I had to install the front clamp the torque value just seemed ridiculously high to me. To check my thinking before ruining a new clamp, I ran a piece of the old front front strap fastener through a tensile strength tester. That test showed that the 3/4" wide by .04" thick piece of 18-8 stainless steel had a yield strength of 2700 lbs. If the clamp bolt is lubricated at all, torqueing the nut to 120 lb/in as per the manual applies 3015 lbs. of pull to the strap, exceeding its tensile yield by over 300 lbs. In fact, 108 lb/in puts it right at the max of 2700 lbs.

    I have to wonder if the 2nd torque value is a misprint. It would seem to me that you would first torque to the 108-120 lb/in. to permanently deform the clamp around the muffler and mount, back off 2 turns then re-torque to 60-80 lb/in. for the final tightening.

    I don't know.

    The bottom line is that I torque the front clamp to the same values as the rear clamps. No issues so far.

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    Damn good to know. I'll follow this when bolting it all back up. Thanks

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    Thanks everyone for your info, parts and expertise. I still had to take the pipe off three times due to forgetting things. Like the exhaust cable, pipe clamp and then to run the front band clamp through the damn bracket. Tools were thrown, neighbors were frightened and parts had to be cutoff. But I did it and got it all back together. Hopefully no further issues for the time being. Thanks again

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    First time is always the hardest n then it is downhill from there. I remember the first time I took my muffler off and used manifold primer and paint on it. Within a few weeks it looked almost exactly how it did when I first took it off the bike.

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