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Thread: Buell Blast 06 Clutch?Transmission?shifter paw?

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    Buell Blast 06 Clutch?Transmission?shifter paw?

    Hi Queensquid. just got the blast 06 for a project bike for 300.00. it has been sitting since 09 in a shed. replaced the fluids and got it fired up. Problem sometimes you can get it in first then second and then it wont shift beyond. other times you can get it up to 80 and shifted through 5th. then today new problem it would not shift down into 2nd or 1st. rode it home in third. Just need a place to start. when you shift it into neutral sometime you get the light sometimes you dont. thanks a lot. I contacted the HD dealer for a check up on the bike.

    For 3,000 they would replace the tires. check the clutch. replace the fluids and the break pads if needed. and give the engine a once over not a tune up. so I or my son will be wrenching on this bike.

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    First go to and download the manuals; you will be using them.
    Second, adjust the shifter pawl per the manual.
    Third, adjust the clutch ramp/cable per the manual.

    If you're still having problems, you might have a bent fork or damaged shift drum.

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    Sounds like the shift drum thats what was wrong with mine but i would try what jetlee said first jetlee is really good with these bikes and its not a small task to change the shift drum.

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