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Thread: 2004 xb12s - pa

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    2004 xb12s - pa

    It's with a heavy heart that I am listing my beloved XB12s for sale. The Minister of Finance has a strict 1 in 1 out policy , and I recently picked up a Buell S1 that I couldn't pass up.
    The listing is below:

    2004 Buell XB12S- Lightning ($4200)
    Bike features rare factory race kit: K&N Air filter, Race ECM, and Race Exhaust.
    100% Stock, down to the factory license plate holder.

    I am the 2nd Owner of this American Streetfighter.
    The motorcycle was stored year round in a conditioned garage, on a battery tender , and had it's oil changed every season (regardless of miles) - this bike was never even ridden in the rain.
    It's a phenomenal machine to ride , with torque unlike any other motorcycle, and the sound that all your buddies will envy.

    Notable features:
    The exhaust was featured in the American Sportbike exhaust shootout and was proven to produce more HP/TQ then any aftermarket offerings. These typically sell for $750 used.
    Tires: Michen Pilot Powers (3k miles)
    Battery: Replaced in 2014.
    Frame pucks installed in 2011.

    Reason for Selling:
    Purchased another Buell as a project bike.
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    66 views and no replies? Am I off base with this one?

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    No, I don't think so (except your $750 race can claim.....that's kinda laughable). It's just a tough time of the year to be selling bikes; riders have mostly already done their trades and purchases for the riding season.
    I'd probably list right around your price as well - the lightnings hold value better than the bolts.

    Don't forget, it's a 12 year old bike from a mfr. out of business and was always a red headed step child born of HD and streetbike parents.

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    I'm in the same boat as you Cbushek. I knew going in this is a rough time of year for a sale but hey it's free to post on BuellXb and Craigslist. So hang in there and good luck with the sale. Nice ride by the way.

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    Your price isn't bad...the market is bad. Sit on it and wait for the right buyer...otherwise ur gonna have to drop the price to unload it quickly

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    Part out race can and ecm for ~$500-750. Buy used stock stuff, drop price to $3500 and it MIGHT sell... More likely closer to $3k

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