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Thread: Race ECM for 03 9R

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    Race ECM for 03 9R

    Will this ECM work for my bike? I have Jardine exhaust and air mod with KN filter.

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    The correct Buell Pro-Series (P&A) Race ECM for the 2003 XB9 is 32801-02, from Race Kit 32814-02Y, 32814-02YA, 82003-02YA, or 82003-02YB.
    The ECM being sold on ebay is Buell Race ECM 82008-05Y, from Race Kit 82006-05Y or 82007-05Y, which is intended for 2005 and later XB9 models only.

    There probably a reason why ECM 82008-05Y only supports "2005 and later XB9 models" and not "2003 and later XB9 models", but I can't recall all the details. I believe fuel and spark maps were different; but could have just been the result of further refinements from the race track. There were a few different calibrations for the BUECB060 P&A ECM.

    Chances are, it will "work" on your 2003 XB9R, but I haven't personally verified.

    Keep in mind that the XB9 Buell race ECMs listed above are calibrated for the Buell Pro-Series Race Muffler and high-flow (Buell Pro-Series/K&N) air filter.

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    Just flash the "race map" to your current ECM and save some $. It is actually really easy to do.

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    Look at,, or PM AZMidjet on here...

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