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Thread: 1st time poster, long time Bueller

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    Smile 1st time poster, long time Bueller

    Picked up my 4th XB last night, this time a 9 -- XB9sx, AKA "City Cross".

    Wanna hurry up and get profile privileges to get to posting and getting this thing set up the way I want!

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    Welcome to the forum!
    What XBs have you had?

    And if no one has told you yet, not many privileges with posts. We're all subject to the same harassment if you leave your guard down!

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    Nice! I have a red XB9SX. I bought it with 600 miles from the Harley Dealership in Great Falls, MT for like 4500 bucks in 2010. I'll never get rid of it.

    I'm a new poster here as well. I've lurked on the threads here forever, but never posted much.

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    welcome aboard, as you post the privileges will come. Pics when you can please,

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    Welcome to both of you! There is a lot of good info here that is easily searched, the stickys are easy to find... and a whole bunch of good info to be had for the asking. I hope you join the discussion and I look forward to pics!

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    Welcome! Your 4th XB? What happened to the other 3? Lol

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    Pics, privileges and something to be jealous of...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mech-life View Post
    Welcome! Your 4th XB? What happened to the other 3? Lol
    I've bought/sold over 30 bikes now.

    @rpcoleman, I'm having trouble finding a middle finger emoticon... :jealous:

    @cooter / mrlogix, see attached for a snap of how I got her (him?, it? the beast!)


    @Chicknstripn, glad I can be on the team -- XB12STT AKA Super TT, 12scg, 12r, not to mention a POS Blast and an S3, less I lost count. I like these things.

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