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Thread: 1st time poster, 1st time owner

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    1st time poster, 1st time owner

    hello everybody,
    first of all sorry if my english isn't all that, reasn isi'm from Belgium.
    first time owner of a XB12S. after dreaming of a Buell for about 16years,riding a lot of japanese racers and italian nakeds, last week finally the moment was there. bought a 2004 XB12s.
    took the time today to do the complete maintenance, suprisingly easy bike to work on.
    next week got a four day biketrip planned with friends.first 2 rides were awesome cant stop smiling but still getting just to the bike.
    not a very good PC user so forgive if it takes a longer time to post pics(first gotta find out how that stuff works on the damn PC).
    gottta lot of reading to do on the forum. but more important gotta a lot of riding to do on my XB.
    foto 1.jpg
    first pic posting worked, i feel like a pc genius right now.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Lot's of good info on here

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    Welcome! Good looking bike you have there! The amount of information on here is staggering. I supposed that is a good thing about the "newest" xb to roll off the linew is almost 7 years old...that means no matter what issue you may have, chances are someone, somewhere on here has gone through it and knows how to help!

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    Welcome, AK72! Beautiful Lightning! Love the look of the exhaust!

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