New to Buell as of last month. Fell in love with the bike on the way home. It's hot here on the coast in South GA, but I did my research and made sure the bike was not having any overheating issues. Bought the Buelltooth...wonderful! The bike was running great until last week. I found a small slip in the clutch. I bought a clutch kit from Barnett, and new primary gasket from DK. I have a small leak from the drain plug area for the primary, and wanted to repair that along with the clutch. I remove the clutch only to find that the adapter tool for the clutch removal tool had not been included. After much deliberation I decided to place the primary cover back on the bike and wait for the right tool. Two days later, I am gingerly riding the bike after fueling. Around 3500rpm the sputtering began. So much so that the bike would shut down, and I would have to pop the clutch to start it again. Hobbled it back to my garage. No error codes! I searched the forums for these problems and found that the Tach going wacky along with the sputtering, and dying usually indicates that the CPS is going out. (bike rides fine below 3000rpm). I checked the voltage with a meter at the CPS, check the resistance as well, ran error codes, reset the TPS, changed the fouled plugs, drained the tank by syphoning... Still cant get above 3500rpm without the bike going crazy.

To date... Replaced (4) sets of fouled plugs, replaced the CPS with an '04 from ebay. Took it for a spin last night after the install and guess what... it was great for the first 5 miles. While pulling back in to my community, the sputtering started again. Tach went crazy just like before. I got it in the garage and ran EMCdroid again. This time there was an error code, however no check engine light! Fuel Pump Short To Ground. I have a Walbro 521 fuel pump coming from the manufacturer. Figured if I do find some frayed wires, I would go ahead and replace the pump. 28k on the bike.

My question is, What the crap is going on? Is it really my fuel pump. Did the FP happen to start shorting out right when I finished the CPS job? For freak'n real?

By the way, replaced the battery with a Lithium. Coils are fine, new plugs and wires are good. I have no idea where to look if the short is repaired and the new fuel pump is installed, (not a fun job from the looks of it), and I still have the same issue. You all are a fantastic resource. Please educate me with a potential culprit. Seriously, please pity the soul who begs of you. Shine down your gracious wisdom