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Thread: 2009 Firebolt Magnaflow exhaust

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    Do a quick search for deans exhaust you won't find a single bad review.

    I have his RT-3 on my 1125CR its absolutely amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wickedchop View Post
    Parts cost money, labor cost money, engineering initial product cost money, tig welders cost money, TALENT COST MONEY!!!!!!! $425.....square deal to me.
    well said wally. dean adams is a long-time board member and very highly regarded. he stands behind his products, is very honest and reliable, and we support our board member vendors and merchants on here. quality never comes cheaply and his goodies are top-shelf. if you're looking for exclusivity, performance and quality he's the guy.

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    Hi guys, old thread but I have a question about these magnaflow exhausts. How is the sound compared to buell race exhaust? Is it louder or more quiet? Been thinking about making one but I'm not sure bout the sound, don't want anything that's louder than race exhaust I already have...

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