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Thread: 01 Blast "primary guide"

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    01 Blast "primary guide"

    Thinking about picking up an 01 blast. Seller says that the "primary guide" needs to be replaced. Any suggestions and can I still find parts for it? Hes asking $500 for the bike so Im really thinking about pulling the trigger on it. Im thinking its the tensioner and guide rod and all that.

    Also, can the blast handle 2 up riding? I'd assume so, may be a little cramped, but my 250 ninja did ok. Just looking for a bike to putt around on and possibly teach my gf how to ride.
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    Yes - it can do 2-up...but even with the airbox mod, aftermarket pipes, and good jetting, you're probably still shy of 30 ponies at the rear wheel. Keep that in mind.

    By primary "guide", does he mean "chain tensioner"? Yes, you can find parts for the Blast. Do a quick google search (and look on BadWeb and to find part numbers (you can also find a parts manual). Just order the parts from your local HD shop or you can do the online "thing".

    Replacing chain tensioner isn't rocket science, but it does require opening up the primary. While you're in there, might as well do shift pawl and pin adjustment and a few other housekeeping items (chamfering stator plate, etc.). Couple of *really nice writeups over on with respect to primary work.

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