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Thread: Pretty sure my stator is going out.

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    Good to know

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    Thanks for everyone's input. I just went with the OEM Buell unit for $106 shipped from Surdyke HD. Just came in 2 days ago, just haven't had time to install. Also considering some light modification while I need new bulbs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPEHAK View Post
    The symptoms looks like bad voltage regulator. It looks like Buell XB has unreliable VR, my VR is broken too at less than 16500 miles. I ordered a new VR from 2008-2013 HD Sportster and I'm going to attach it on my 2009 Buell XB12Scg and report back. I already asked here question about alternative VR and it looks like no one here installed any another VR than the original. Ebay asks 120$ for new Buell XB VR, it is pretty expensive for such old stuff, new HD VRs are cheaper. I still does not have HD VR on hands but according the picture the HD VR wires look shorter and mounting holes in another spots. So possibly I will need to extend the wires and also build a bracket to attach the HD VR to the Buell XB.

    Do you use any additional electrical accessories on your motorcycle?
    Old thread, but still relevant. I just wanted to point out that several folks have run the Compufire 55150 VR in place of the OEM Buell part. Far more reliable than the OEM part.

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