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Thread: 2008 xb12 with jardine rt-1 slip on does the bike need a tune or remap?

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    I have a 2008 firebolt xb12 with a jardine gp1 pipe and a k&n filter and i have been riding it for a week now with nothing more then a tps resat and it seems to have more pep no heating issues that i am aware of i did do the breather by pass and that settled down the popping on decel> i have been hitting the rev limiter a little more thean i have in the past it seems to pull up to the limiter hard it seems to want more i am trying to figure out how much more i should give it> I have what seems to be a odd ecm i can't seem to find a matching map for my firmware >

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    yes ebracing has all i need i was hoping for a location for a map for comparison to what i have got going on my own i am tuning through ecmspy and it is tedious but i am going forward i just want to know if i am going forward in the right direction

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    @008 XBss with Jardine and KN Filter Needs Tune

    Quote Originally Posted by theoctopus View Post
    Forget all that junk (Dobeck, Protuner, etc...). The xopti sheet beta is out to testers with 1125R's, and I'm working on the XB12 (BUEZD0M5) version as we speak. Just finished with fuel pages, moving on to timing next.

    If you really want a new map, I can send you an adjusted race map for an XB12 (BUEZD0M5) that will help your bike do better with a filter/exhaust combo. All you'll need is ECMSpy and a cable.
    Hi Optopus,

    I know this thread is pretty old but I too Have an XBss 2008 model with Jardine rt1 and KN filter and would be interested in map and instructions if possible. I can source an ECMspy cable.

    Can you help me out?


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    oooops I meant OCTOPUS...apologies for misspelling haha

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    Xopti hasn't been here for a long time. I'm pretty sure you can still get ahold of him through Facebook. Or PM AZMidget, I'm sure he has his contact info.

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