Hi to all,i've got a 07 xb12 and i want to mod the temperature for start the fan,especially for The Summer, to prevent engine overheating...
But i'm new in use esmspy,and if it possible, i need some help to find the right positions of values,because i'm not really sure!

my firmware is BUEGB231 and i found on the ecmspy site

0x01EC key on fan on position (1E0-0C)
0x01ED key on fan off position (1E0-0D)

these are the right positions of the values in the table?
i know that for The right degrees i must do this for example and simplicity

start temp=value+50

i'm speaking right?

and,ever if it possible,can i modify the speed of the fan in relation to the temperature?how?

thank You Very much and sorry for my bad English!