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Thread: Help with Mods...Rat Rod/Mad Max

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    Those are all very cool mods, but not the style I was looking to go. Also those would end up costing more than the bike is worth. I want more of a MAD MAX style....wanna look rough but clean at the same time. I have the plans in my head of will try to post picks as I get things done.

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    I've seen pics of that bike jetlee has hacked up, more than once, before this. It's a pretty good example of how to go about making a post-apocalyptic/survival bike out of a Blast, I think.

    My own Blast is kinda trending that way, too,almost by accident. I bought it a few years ago, and it was very yellow. It had a couple aftermarket parts on it already, but I started by taking things off (the yellow plastic, to be specific). If you want to give your Blast a bit of the after-the-bomb look, the quickest and easiest way to get started is probably to just remove the flyscreen, tank cover, and tail plastic. That, and don't replace the timer cover when it falls off (I lost three of the damned things before I gave up and decided it looked better exposed anyway).

    Here's a recent pic of my Blast, recently christened "Gristle":

    I don't think I'm done changing it, yet. Next . . . maybe handguards; maybe getting rid of some of that black plastic around the lights and license plate at the tail end.; maybe bolting some ammo cans on the back for cargo space.

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