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Thread: Intake - go custom or stay stock

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    My only complaint about the filter(and I know OP hasn't come back since posting, more of just a general comment) is the stupid bolts that are jammed in there. I know the bolt pattern is determined by the carb, not the intake, but one of the bolts on mine is slightly stripped and due to the curve of the intake, it's locked in the hole. Only way for me to replace it would be to cut the hole into a slot, so I could just slide a new bolt in sideways. Guess I could always screw a stud into the carb body and put a normal nut on the outside.

    I've actually always wondered how they even managed to get that bolt in there in the first place.

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    Hmmm, seems odd a company would sign up here, solicit opinions and then bail..........

    After a long absence I am getting active again on bike projects. my $0.02 on these is I dont like the stock intakes on the Tuber bikes,, all that big chunky plastic covering up a beautiful powerplant and frame. I *LIKE* the forcewinders for many reasons, but the prices put me off. I have wieghed th eoptions of making my own as its not that complicated. I have picked up one on eBay used that was cheap (Like me) but I have a couple other projects I would consider using them on. (Sportster & Buell)

    I know the challenges of business and manufacturing, and having to make money and cover all the bills and overhead,, But I would think they SHOULD be able to drop the prices, still maintain quality, and dominate the market with a couple variations on the design. I think the ship has sailed to some degree on the chrome gadgets and live to ride stuff adorned with skulls, conchos and fringe As well as the crazy prices on some of that stuff.

    So, like the design and style but price, not so much.

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