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Thread: EEPROM maps in .txt format not .xpr?

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    I can’t hear you. Can you say that nine more times ?!?!?!!!

    He is probably trying to install an eprom file from the page.

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    Ya, I guess thats what his other thread says. I'm supposed to READ!?

    Ok, Egaynor here's what you do to make your life of self-tuning very much easier than it is right now. Go to and read the instructions. Buy a Bluetooth dongle from them so the free program ECMDroid can communicate wirelessly with your bike, and enjoy the free maps they will give you.
    Yay! I feexed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    I'm here, but all duplicate questions go to 34:19. He's a reclusive genius that only accepts every tenth PM, so feel free to copy/paste until he responds

    Egaynor: What is it you are actually trying to do? Are you just trying to install an existing fuel map?
    Recently got a bike with a hawk pipe and K&N, and have a race map to load. After talking with Randy, he recommended loading that file. Need to smooth out the low RPM jerkiness too.

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