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Thread: '06XB12Ss fell over; now no startup fuel pump whine, no ECM data.

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    Yesterday while idling, with ECMSpy hooked up, the kickstand slipped off a paver, went into the mud and make the bike drop on its side. BAS kicked in and the motor died, of course. I lifted it, went to re-start: key off, key on, kill switch fuel pump whine . Just a single click each time I hit the kill switch from the diodes/relays in the fuse box. The engine cranked, but w/o fuel, there was no way it was going to start.
    What's going on?!?
    Then today, I hook ECMSpy back up to read for trouble codes... went to trouble codes, clicked "read," and got a window saying "Could not get firmware."
    So I tried getting codes manually, shorting pins 1 and 2. Done this before no prob. Not this time. Nothing. Radio silence from the Check Engine Light - not a single flash.

    Downward spiral: every time I go to work on a problem, some other problem crops up that I need to look for before I get to the first problem. I was going to datalog with ECMSpy, so bike was idling while I geared up for my ride to diagnose misfiring, stuttering problem. Now I can't even start the bike.

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    How are your fuses? Maybe your ECM fuse blew

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    I had already checked that, and the fuse is fime. Sorry - forgot to mention that.

    Anyone know how to check the 3 relays in the fusebox? What electrical system part is it that actually controls the current to the fuel pump at startup to let it do its little priming whine?

    I know I am posting on two issues: no ECM, and no fuel pump priming whine at startup. See what I mean about a downward spiral? Every time I go to address one thing, another happens.

    Poop happens, I know.... just gotta see if anyone knows how to dal with this specific type of poop.

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    Found this in service manual, while going thru flowchart for fuel pump diagnostics:

    NO ECM POWER 4.12
    A relay controlled by the engine stop switch supplies power to
    the ECM. The relay requires a ground to operate. If the
    ground is not established, the ECM will not receive power. If
    the ECM does not appear to be receiving power, check the
    ground sources. A blown ignition fuse or ECM fuse can also
    disable the ECM.

    How do I "check the ground sources?"

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    Make sure the kill switch on the handlebar didn't accidently get flipped off.
    Nevermind, just re-read the original post...

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    Got ECM back up - easily!!! Once I pulled off the gray and black connector plugs, I saw that the black fuse-like connector that plugs a white wire from the harness into a plug between gray and white connectors was loose. What is that piece? It's labeled connector164 A/B in the service manual.

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