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Thread: 2008/2009 XB9 ecm maps

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    2008/2009 XB9 ecm maps

    Iīm looking for the original/stock EEPROM for the 2009 model of XB9SX motorcycle. Itīs running the BUE2D firmware but any other will do as itīs just a matter of "translating" from one firmware to the other. Can anyone please send me it? Email


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    It's much more than 'translating' the fuel map to the different firmware. They actually store the map in a different memory location as well, thats exactly how ECM's get 'bricked', by bypassing the securities and burning a map from a different firmware version.

    PM AZMidget on here. He may have access to a later map like that. Try and ask them too. Maybe If you have the capability to burn a map, then you have the capability to read and store one from another bike (that is stock) as well. Any local Buellers to you?

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    I have a stock 2009 XB9SX BUE2D eeprom that I will email to you when I get home. I saved it to my Droid phone right after having my ECM updated from BUEZD to BUE2D.

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    maybe somebody have stock 2009 xb9 maps and can send me?

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    Looks like doesn't have the 2009 maps.

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