Hi guys here we go again discussing ECM things.

I´ve been researching the tuning procedures on Buells for more than a year maybe to feel safe enough to start tuning mine. By the way I ride a 2008 Ulysses completely stock except for a K&N air filter and the exhaust valve locked open.

I managed to go for a great (dataloged) ride last weekend, about 1 hour riding with AFV locked and after that opened the log on ECMSpy and applied the average EGO corrections to both rear and front maps. The bike improved a lot and now when I run my EGO corrections stay pretty closer to 100 than before.

Well this is the first part of the tuning process I think, as it tuned only the closed loop area of the map, plus learn and idle areas. The ECMSpy EGO maps are populated with values for the closed loop area only, so even if I wanted I couldn´t see what happened when bike entered open loop area.

I always read that narrowband stock o2 sensor will not let us tune the open loop area. However, I have noticed that when I load my log file to MLV/VE Analyze it applies changes to map cels that are on open loop area also. Tunerpro is the same, when I dataloged with the acquisition plug-in from TunerPro it populated the History Table (LOAD_RPM_EGO) with values that looked like EGO corrections in open loop as well. I am aware that the ECM does not make EGO correction in open loop, so where does this data come from?

Recently I read a thread here in this forum from 2014 in which our friend ReadyXB explained to another friend that if AFV was limited to 100%, all EGO corrections shown on TunerPro log could be applied to the whole map including open loop.

I would like to understand this in full because sometimes it makes no sense to me. Should I consider these open-loop-area-EGOs and apply them to my map? Or it is better not to touch the stock open loop area and just have it tuned on the closed loop?