+1 on the above posts. I've had my '08 since spring, and have found that I use the T27 a lot. I bought a t-wrench and an extra 1/4" drive T27 bit to supplement my toolbox. If you have the OEM toolkit, there is a 'L-wrench' in it for T27 fasteners.

Other than the 10mm battery terminal bolts (which are not original equipment), I've not been able to determine if the fasteners are metric or inch, since almost all of them are coincidental sizes.

Concerning the grounding issues - the ground point on the front of the steering neck (G4 in the schematic) is not only a common failure, but the wire pairs that terminate there are as well. Starting with the loss of turn signals, followed by intermittent headlights, I ended up remaking both pairs with new terminal lugs.

Working on the bike is fairly straightforward, but Erik The Creator managed to stuff 10 lbs of bike into a 6 lb bag. Having small hands and fingers would help.

Recover soon!