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Thread: New owner 2007 XB12 Ulysses

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    New owner 2007 XB12 Ulysses

    Ever since these came out, always wanted one, and found a great price on a Yellow 2007 with only 12K miles on it. I've had it for 3 months and put 3k miles on it, really impressed with the bike and how it handles on back curvy roads, and not bad on gravel either. I have changed the oil and a back tire, plus put a Madstad windshield on it, but other than that, just riding it. Considering it's 10 years old now, anything preventive I should be concerned about, like the belt? Once again, great bike, and always fun to have someone walk by, look at it, and say "what is that?"
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    buell considered the drive belt to be a "lifetime" component.....however....they did design the swingarm/oil tank with a bridge as part of it on the right side to facilitate rapid belt change if required. a brilliant design i'll add as if you ever installed a belt on an H-D big twin you'll know why i say this. the belt will give a tell-tale sign of impending doom typically as follows;
    1-something like a pebble or cinder was lodged between one of the pulleys and the belt and put a crack, nick or puncture in it.
    2-threading on the outside-as-mounted portion of the belt indicated rear wheel bearings ready to implode. that in and of itself doesn't shorten the life of the belt but clearly would need to be addressed immediately.
    3-faulty idler pulley bearings causing harsh wear on the outer skin of the belt.

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    I also added a Madstad windshield and believe it's the best upgrade I could have done on my Uly. With that being said, relocate ECM? Relocating the ECM might be the best preventative measure. My wires were worn down thru the insulation to bare wire.

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