Hello Everybody,

I've been working on my bike a bit and trying to learn EcmSpy as I go. I thought that tacking the fan temperature tweak would be a good second project in EcmSpy (TPS reset was done successfully).

I went into the EEPROM tab in the software and found the values for key on fan on and key on fan off temperatures, changed them to 170/130, saved the file with a new file name, connected up the bike and burned this file to the EEPROM. After doing all this, the "Limits" tab in the software still shows the old temperatures, while the EEPROM table still reads that I've done everything correctly. I can even disconnect everything, then cable up to the bike and read the ECM data and the values in the table are still populated with what I want, but the Limits page displays the old temps.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?