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Thread: Fuel Pump O-Ring information

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    Quote Originally Posted by user_deleted View Post
    i'm seeing a fair amount of fuel pump issues lately as our beloved buells continue to age gracefully. several on-going discussions on this board as well. the removal/replacement/upgrade/cross-over scenarios have been well covered but there continues to be consistent questions regarding the O-rings. everything you can possibly need to know to source same.
    1-factory part # is P0121.02A8 SUPERSEDED by same # with an A as suffix. the A means nothing. just a vendor tracer. both part numbers reference the same identical part. still available in unlimited dealer quantities as of 3-22-2017
    2-available thru many aftermarket suppliers such as IMPORTANT: any replacement ABSOLUTELY must be either nitrile or viton or it will leak like hell in short order.
    O-RING SIZE IS: 3 inches ID-------3/16th inches thickness. these are the 2 dimensions you will need to source any aftermarket replacements great source and priced right. their part # is 151V.
    4-i keep O-rings in stock. dealer retail is approx. $6.20 cost $3 each. if you get stuck PM me and i'll send you some.
    NOTE: each ring must be lightly coated with either recommended silicone O-ring lube or a light grease prior to assembly. and carefully tighten the bolts in sequence as to not crack the pump housing.
    hope this info helps.
    Hi, I know this is an old post but I'm chasing these o-rings from Orings and more. You have said above the following measurements: 3 inches ID-------3/16th inches thickness. The 151 you've quoted above is 3 ID x 3-3/16 OD x 3/32 CS. I'm kinda new to O-rings so from what you have said, the CS should be 3/16ths?

    Yes, good price and cheap to order from Australia. This is the type I'm looking at: Viton Heat Resistant Black O-rings.

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