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Thread: Well.....Bye.

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    hey mike: i always loved those little rascals especially with stick-shift. just a heads-up: some early 80's jobs developed horrible oil consumption problems due to out-of-round cylinder bores right from the factory. was tough to diagnose. if you run into that and i hope you don't that's the culprit. sadly i remember from 2 of mine.

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    Haha yeah it is wrong but so cool I can’t stop. I am in contact with some Brazilian performance companies now getting a T3 turbo kit made up and some rear suspension parts. The turbo will push about 6 psi from what I am gathering I don’t speak Portuguese so the language breakdown is now the hardest part. So google translate is my best friend.

    Oh yeah cool bit of info.. spark plug wires in Brazil are called cold candle sails?!? Lol cool name

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