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Thread: Well.....Bye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wickedchop View Post
    Don't sweat the tire thing man, I've run through a set already at the track, my new gsxr track bike has a new set on as we speak, 90% of the guys in red, blue, and black group run them at BOTH track organizations I run with! I've had ZERO problems, they have done nothing short of stick like glue. Ran my fastest laps to date on em.
    highly recommend Shinko SuperSport SLG(stick like glue) radials for both track and street. those along with HellFire 1-percenter exhaust system is truly an unbeatable combination. my record setting track times at Americas' fastest tracks including Talladega SuperSpeedway corroborate same.
    love always,

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    ^^^^^^^ I've made my decision. I'm calling your daughter, you need to be on meds and in a "Home" LMFAO

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    He's already on meds and he does live in a home, it's hopeless !

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    Quote Originally Posted by njloco View Post
    He's already on meds and he does live in a home, it's hopeless !
    Just to tolerate Teabag.

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