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Thread: Well.....Bye.

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    I was just reminded that when I installed my keyless EBR gas cap (same as 1125 and XB) I had an issue with gas draining out of the little vent hole on the left side of the gas filler neck in the frame.

    Problem #1 was the gasket didn't seal. Permatex #2 (non-hardening, and the only gas submerged rated sealant I know of besides Permatex #1) solved that, then that tiny barb was too long and just creased the breather hose when I installed the cap. I unscrewed the barb and drilled the threaded hole slightly smaller than 5/32", then stuck the hose it comes with right in the hole (I even had to notch the mounting boss for the top left allen for that tiny hose to pass without creasing), out the drain hole on the left of the neck, under the airbox, down to the bottom.

    A PITA, but it solved the issue completely. It lets fumes out but is too small and too long for any significant fluid flow.

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    My hose did not like gas, took off plugged the hole with JBW ,tank is vented to the charcoal canister which is now vented out of the air box .

    gas tube005.jpg gas tube010.jpg IMG_1168.jpg

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