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Thread: **** my buell blast.

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    **** my buell blast.

    I have managed to SNAP the belt during a HARD take off in traffic.
    Bought a new belt and installed just fine.

    Went to take the bike on a ride:
    First thing I noticed was the shifter wouldn't let me get into neutral (snapped belt in 1st gear)
    took off in 1st gear tried to shift to 2nd became impossible with my foot.
    Changed gear with my hand into 2nd (shifter was rather hard to get move)
    throttled and went to shift for 3rd and same effect from 1st to 2nd
    same as 3rd to 4th also 4th to 5th.
    back down to 4th and bam no gear clutch out and throttled and nothing.
    kicked down to 3rd and bam GEAR
    2nd was good
    2nd to N was achievable at this point of the ride
    back to 1st was good.
    taking off in 1st, started to notice a grab and go type of thing with loud clunky noise, as if the clutches were loose.

    Got it home took it apart and landed here the picture. The pin has broke for the shifter paw? I have to drill it and extract and place a new pin.

    Where do I get this pin from?
    How do I know if I need a new detent plate
    How do I diagnose if The hard shifting
    Anyone have any bright ideas on how to get the pin out.

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    Your not going to be able to drill that. It's a harden pin. The only way I can think of getting that out is to weld a nut to the pin, and make a puller to pull on the nut. Otherwise your splitting cases and replacing the shift drum.


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