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Thread: '03 XB ECM Maps

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    '03 XB ECM Maps

    I'm having a hard time finding a ECM map for my '03 XB9R. When I got the bike it had a jardine muffler and the airbox delete mod had been done and a KN filter stuck in there. It ran OK but I could tell it needed tuning. Well Last season I blew apart that Jardine muffler. (it was one of those with the carbon fiber bodys) So I did the Magnaflow mod. I would be happy just getting close to where I need. Anyone have any suggestions. I have the Buelltooth dongle and ECM Droid loaded up.

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    the site has some maps, the race map for xb9 should help at the very least. What firmware is your ECM running? I have had a real hard time finding XB9 maps for my BUE2D ECM, and an even harder time before I got my ECM flashed from BUEZD to BUE2D. I finally broke down and bought a Dean Adams RT-1 exhaust and shipped him my ECM for tuning. I am looking forward to comparing his eeprom to a Buell race map and a D&D map as well.

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    I've yet to see a compatible .xpr file that will work for your ECM (BUECB), If you bought from buelltooth, ask him to convert the race map to .xpr, or if you use alternative software you can flash the race.txt found here (file will NOT work with ECMDroid!)

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