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Thread: 2005 XB12Scg with upgrades

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    2005 XB12Scg with upgrades

    Potentially selling my XB, I have my eye on something else and if I sell quick enough I'm getting it, otherwise I'll keep the XB.

    I'm lazy so I'll copy-paste from my craigslist ad:

    Selling my XB12Scg, I don't ride it much now with a baby.

    23002 miles on it currently.

    The Scg was the factory lowered Buell model, this Lightning was the smallest Buell with the largest engine offered at the time. This particular one was originally blue, but was painted black before I bought it. I have done some work to it in the 5 years I have had it. I will try to be as detailed as possible so as not to waste anyone's time.

    700 miles on top end rebuild, including:
    -New OEM piston rings
    -Ceramic coated pistons (faces, skirts, and underside)
    -Cometic base and head gaskets
    -Genuine James rocker cover gaskets
    -New PCV elbows and hoses
    -rerouted crankcase vent
    -Genuine James header gaskets
    -ARP header studs
    -Cylinders honed
    -Injectors ultrasonically cleaned

    During the rebuild I chose to go with thinner base and head gaskets, raising the compression ratio a bit and putting it right at 0.030" squish clearance, as recommended by NRHS.

    Other work/improvements include:

    -Open air intake with K&N filter
    -Breather modification with American Sportbike catch can setup
    -Keda Design 1.88" custom headers, with front and rear oxygen sensor bungs for individual cylinder monitoring - cerakoted flat black
    -Drummer muffler
    -XBDashboard replacement gauge overlay
    -Energy One clutch
    -Adjustable brake and clutch levers
    -EBC HH sintered front brake pads
    -converted to clipons instead of upright handlebars
    -High pressure fuel pressure regulator
    -Walbro fuel pump
    -updated voltage regulator and stator
    -replaced clutch cable when clutch was replaced
    -black anodized aluminum mirrors replaced the lollipops
    -added voltage gauge inside instrument cluster, cannot see when off, looks factory when on (in picture)
    -cluster converted to LED backlighting
    -Programmable ECU (has race map loaded, adjusted for fuel pressure regulator)
    -clear (smoked) timing cover
    -chrome wheels
    -polished passenger pegs
    -new oxygen sensor

    The bad:
    -left fork leg just recently started getting moist. Not a full leak yet, but the fork seal will need attention in the future.
    -Tires (Pirelli Scorpion Sync) are getting old. Definitely still fine for riding around town but I would get some new rubber before going on mountain runs or the like.
    -The seat cover needs to be restapled in the front and a spot on the right side. The cover is fine, just some staples have fallen out. It is in the pictures.
    -There are some rub marks on the sides of the passenger seat rails. I put saddlebags on last time I rode it to San Antonio and the strap rubbed both sides.

    Overall the bike is ready to hop on and ride! If you like the sound and torque of Harleys but not the weight, handling, braking, suspension, and riding position, this is the bike for you! Fully adjustable front and rear suspension (rear is remote reservoir), 6 piston front brakes, 1203cc of engine on a tiny frame make for a fun ride.

    I have always used Mobil 1 V-twin full synthetic oil in both the engine and the primary, and I have 6 quarts left that will come with the bike.

    $4400 OBO. I am slightly negotiable on price but I am using the money to go towards something particular I have in mind, so no low balling. Test rides with cash in hand.

    I'm in the Albuquerque area.

    I've never shipped a vehicle before so that would be new for me, I would probably need some help with that if it came to it.

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    I forgot to mention, sometimes I don't get notifications on here from PMs so the best way to reach me would be by text, my number is (505)252-0800, and my name is Matt.

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    Sold! Sad to be leaving the community (and bikes altogether for the time being), but I referred the new owner here so hopefully you will get a new face. Maybe by the time I get another bike Erik will have made a comeback.

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