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Thread: As is 2004 XB12S 20k miles Michigan

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    As is 2004 XB12S 20k miles Michigan

    Bike won't shift past second, so selling as is for parts. Engine is strong and you can ride it around in 1st or 2nd gear. Forks are soft. Some rust on top of factory race exhaust (with ECM). Some grind on clutch lever, left bar end and left rear axle. Have manual and rim touchup paint. Other than that looks great! Clean title, not a rebuild. Located in Auburn Hills MI.
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    Literally a 30 minute fix that costs nothing but a quart of oil to fix.... The spring came off your shift shaft when you dropped it on the left side....

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    I hope it's that simple. I can pull the primary cover off this weekend and take a look. That would mean the HD tech is pretty off though as they already pulled it off to take a look.

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    Well, It's never a guarantee but, if AZ says it's a good starting point, (A) it would behoove you to check it out, or (B) I could offer you a ridiculously low price and just buy it from you. I think you should go with, let me think ?????? B !

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    Well I popped off the primary cover, all the springs I see appear to be intact and correctly attached. Am I missing something, any other thoughts?IMG_20170506_183154.jpg

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    I would have guess exactly what AZ said. Since it isn't that, I would invest in a new shift shaft. It doesn't take hardly and bend to make them wonky.

    Will it shift through the gears by hand with the primary off? You will have to rotate the rear wheel while doing it.

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    what price you looking to sell for?

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    Well so far the only offer I have is from BuellyBagger for $1,500. It looks like you live close by, come up and check it out if you want.

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    Still have this for sale?

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