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Thread: 2009 Buell XB12R Front Muffler Strap from McMaster-Carr

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    Question 2009 Buell XB12R Front Muffler Strap from McMaster-Carr

    Does anyone know if this will work on the Buell XB12R for the Front Muffler Strap? I'm trying to find a new source since it's hard for me to make it to a HD Dealership because of work. Ordering it online would make it easier for me.


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    I have one,I will mail it to you if you PM me your address...

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    It looks like the strap torque is too small. Max torque for the strap you showed is 75 in.-lbs. According service manual you have to torque front strap to 108-120 in-lbs.

    If you can find strap with appropriate torque limit check the strap sizes and features. If the sizes and features are the same as for original strap it should work (make sure the strap made of stainless steel). But do not use the nut with nylon insert from this strap because of nylon will melt down under exhaust temperature, use nuts from original strap (if thread fits), or use similar nuts. Also use high temperature thread locker and maybe two nuts per strap instead of one.

    They might lower the torque limit due to the nut material or geometry, so if the strap has similar section sizes it might hold load with original strap nut, but I would find strap with appropriate torque limit.
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    A difference of 30-50 inch pounds? I don't live on planet Aspergers so I wouldn't worry about that.

    It's the right type of 'T' clamp, IMHO I'd use it. FYI they sell the same style of clamp with a tension spring on the T bolt. It may help relieve some stress if you're breaking them. I never tried it. Just sayin'

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    Thanks for the offer Born2Ride, I'm going to be switching my system soon and the one I ordered showed up a few hours ago. It actually looks a little bit bigger, but I'm sure it will work.

    I'm going to use the nut from the broke one. We both were thinking the same thing.

    The threads match.

    I'm thing the 5204K21 Might be a tighter fit.

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