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Thread: '97 Buell top end

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    '97 Buell top end

    Anyone know if the top end (Pistons, heads and cylinders) from a 1997 Buell will fit a 2000 Sportster 883?
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    I'm pretty sure it will all bolt up, but you may run into a few hiccups with the front cylinder mounting and breather. I don't think its anything impossible, just not as simple as plug and play.

    I think the breather holes are slightly larger on the Buell head, but I think Drag Specialities and others make breather kits with both sized bolts.

    I think the bolt hole spacing is slightly larger on the Buell front head, and the spacing may be a little off.

    Double check me on this, though, as I forget if the difference between a 883 and 1200 is just the bore or the stroke. It may be that the tuber/HD motors are different with the bore whereas the XB9/XB12 difference is in the stroke.

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    I will know more this fall, As I will be doing that swap on one sporty as well as a XB top end, cams and other odds and ends. I started research on this and a tech notes folder on all the details but I dont recall all the specifics. But there IS some differences but the swap you are talking about is not that complicated and as a result, WAY too many tubers were parted out as a result. Still a lot of really ugly ass customs where a Buell died to give the ugly bike a powertrain (Complete) or Top end.
    $$$$ wise it makes sense as the Buell stuff is as good or better than the Screaming eagle parts and a fraction of the costs.
    XB stuff CAN work but considerably more complicated topic.

    Keep in mind, ANY sporty can benefit from late XB rocker box mods with the breather up on top.

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