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Thread: Smoke from breather hose - XB12

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    Smoke from breather hose - XB12

    Hi Guys,
    Today i replaced my spark plug in front cylinder for new one and when the airbox was taken off i started the bike to check is everything is fine. After a while i noticed smoke from front cylinder breather hose. Please check the video:

    What do You think? Is this some serious issue with the engine?

    Thx, regards.

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    looks normal to me, Read up on the reroute topic. Strongly suggest doing.

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    Wow! photobucket has really trashed all the technical threads in ALL forums. What a diabolical master plan to host images for free and then ask 400.00 a year to keep them up after all these years. Look at how much this sucks for the archives. I've always uploaded images directly from PC myself but many, many are screwed as well as years of this forums archives too. Don't use third party hosting for anything please. We might have to start over with the legendary breather box re-route pictorial tutorial. Here is an example of the failed hosting service because no one is going to pay the ransom to fix their technical threads.

    Hey I just did mine and could show it if you like. Might draw some criticism, don't know if it works yet but seems simple enough if you have the tee's with the capacity to move air through 3/8" connections properly.

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