I have a number of motorcycles and after spending the weekend on a Triumph Thruxton I have a calling for a new to me machine.
What I liked about the triumph retro cafe racer - Its a Retro Cafe Racer with the perfect mix of chrome, shinny stuff and style.
What I disliked about the triumph retro cafe racer - It's power source was a total LUMP! I have been riding V-Twins for ten years and the thought of a going back to an I-4 sickens me. I thought the 900cc triumph twin would be exciting. NOT!

My solution!!!

I have always liked the buell tuber but reliability issues and a 20 year old discontinued motorcycle has inherent problems :-)

I have a 2008 Ulysses and the idea of a 2002 M2 Cyclone with clipons, flashy paint and some chrome is really appealing to me right now. It would be a rarely ridden bike, the Ulysses is doing most of the day to day operations.

Anyone have a suggestion or better yet, a 90% completed cafe racer project bike that they need to get rid of to make room in the garage for a new toy?

I'm right now scowering the used bike section for a 1999 to 2002 tuber (swing arm and shifter upgrades). The M2 stands out because of the carburetor and similarities with the 1200 sportster motor.

This topic is probably as contraverial as tires and oil brands. Let me be clear, this is not me looking for a sacrifical tuber to slap it's motor into a H-D bobber nightmare. I basically want an M2 wth clip-ons and some bling :-)

Any input is welcome!

thank you