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Thread: Tubber cafe racer!

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    Nov 2016
    taking advantage of some downtime to move the X1 project forward.
    - carbon fibre under tail tray and rear fender eliminator kit
    - rizoma bar end mirrors
    - finally stripped and polished the rear tail section.

    I used permix gasket remover, sprayed down the tail section (off the bike) and let it sit for 10 or so minutes. The clear powder coat literally pealed off. I then wet sanded: 400grit, 600grit, 800grit, extra fine sanding pad (1000grit) then polished with a fitting on the drill. I can still see the sand marks. I suspect the 400/600 grit may have been too harsh. The aluminum was in good shape, after the clear coat came off. I plan on picking up some 800/1000/1200/1400 grit and getting those sand marks out.
    Not much riding in January in Canada.


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    Dang! Between you and SR... you two have all the neat toys!

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    Beautiful work! I gotta say, the tail-tidy makes a world of difference!

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