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Thread: Should I buy?

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    Should I buy?

    I'm considering picking up a Blast project bike. I currently am carpooling with my wife (we work at the same place in graduate school so this works) but want something cheap that I can use when I need to go somewhere without her and she has the car.

    It currently is non-running" and needs the stator replaced, but the guy is throwing in all pieces to get it up and running. The problem and why he isn't fixing himself presumably is that "the old stator bolts are broken inside the engine" and he's "not sure how to fix that". I'm presuming a screw extractor would pull them out and be okay to go again after replacing the stator and then picking up and replacing the regulator as well.

    They removed the tail to make a "bobber", but it looks pretty junky and said they just unbolted everything, so I can pick up a new subframe and cover for about 50 on eBay. Also, the bike has 9XXX miles.

    Do y'all think the risk/reward is worth 700?

    Thanks in advance,

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