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Thread: XB12r or 1125cr

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    XB12r or 1125cr

    I know this question has been asked before, but I wouldn't mind hearing some new opinions on this. Currently, I own a 2009 xb12r, and after clearing up some little issues when I bought it, I've been loving it ever since. Recently, I found a beautiful 2009 1125cr not more than 45 minutes away from where I live, and if I sold my xb I would be able to get it without hardly spending any money. Question is, for you guys who have ridden both, are there certain things about the 1125 you prefer, and are any of them worth upgrading to it? Most my riding is just back and forth to work with the weekend spirited ride through the twisties, so no track days for me at this point in time.

    Basically just looking for some more pros and cons to upgrading to the 1125

    Thanks again Guys

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    Thats such a tough decision. I have owned many, many Buells and have to say that the XB and 1125's are so different I could never choose. The XB's just do everything so well. Easy to ride, fast in the corners, comfy for long distance. Once I bought my first 1125, I always had an XB in the garage too!

    The 1125's (get the CR) are way faster. Way faster. Did I mention that the CR is faster? Corners are still amazing, a bit hotter, a bit more 'rattly', and sexxxy.

    In car terms, you're trying to compare a BMW X5 M-series, and a Corvette. The 'Vette will handle a bit better and be a bit faster, but you'll get in the SUV everyday.

    They are 2 very different tools for 2 very different jobs. I would say the 1190 vs. 1125 would be a much more accurate comparo because they are the same type of bike.

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    Thanks for the response.
    I definitely understand what you're saying. I guess, the only big advantage the 1125 has that I've read is the top end is a lot better than the xb12, but besides that they seem to be pretty on par. I have no reason to sell my xb, its been an incredible bike and only gets better as the days go on. Maybe I'll do as you did, and buy a 1125cr next year when I wouldn't need to sell the xb to get one

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