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Thread: Free spirits reverse custom stainless exhaust system. XB bikes...$1000.00

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    Free spirits reverse custom stainless exhaust system. XB bikes...$1000.00

    many years ago I was more active on here but got clobbered by a drunk driver texting. Getting back active again in the shop and life in general.
    But I have some other priorities at the moment and looking to see if interest in a very cool exhaust system I purchased from another poster here on this forum. NEW, these were VERY expensive, but good luck finding on these days. rare as heck. At the time for me I spent a very large sum of money on it and had it shipped to me from the UK. Between customs, shipping and other hassles it was around $1300 by the time I was done.

    Theres an old thread on here from back then and even a Youtube video of the previous owner with it on his bike and riding. (Hear him roar!)
    The exhaust has low hours and is in amazing condition. I checked the contents of the box, and drooled a lot, but wrapped it all back in bubble wrap and put it in storage and has been there for 4 years. It is STILL in amazing condition, and I am still having regrets even considering selling but pressing matters at the moment. My loss your gain.

    I have the diagram showing the order of assy as well as all the brackets, clamps, springs etc. Will ship well boxed and wrapped. Ca n email current pix and any measurements etc... (PM me) I am located in Oregon.

    Here is the old thread.... See:

    Compare to prices for Drummer or other systems. (Such a deal!)


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    I cant send pix apparently from PM so posting here,, But heck this stuff is SO beautiful anyway its mechanical P O R N anyway. Every time I thought about selling these I changed my mind. This setup cost me a small fortune but its just so amazing to look at until know I could not consider selling. BUt circumstances came up and changed the situation. I know I will regret letting these go. I just HOPE they get some good use and appreciated.
    I DO expect pictures from the new owner as well as a video would be nice!


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    There is also a chart with color coded dots on how to assemble it, You can see in a few pix some of the dots on the parts as well

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    *** SOLD TO NUBICON! *** Of course I expect him to share pix and perhaps a video or 2 of him out and enjoying it. This was not an easy part for me to let go!
    Nice chatting with you on the phone last night, sounds like a stand up guy and a good home for this exhaust. Thumbs up!

    (What happened to the old voting system where we upvoted peoples reps? Or on occasion downvoted?)

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