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Thread: Map question Xb12ss

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    Map question Xb12ss

    Hello, first post.

    A few weeks ago i bought a jardine exhaust and a K&N airfilter, so it was time to get a new tune i thought.
    So i decided to get a Buelltooth since it seemed kind of easy to use. So i got it, i asked for a map for my speccs (xb12ss, -06, RT1, K&N, BUEIB).
    I got a map after a few hours so i just threw it in, fixed the tps and went away. Maybe abit to much good trust, but thats how i am.

    It went like **** coudnt barely go forward, after a while the AFR kicked in and made it drivable.

    So i was confused as h*** to be frank. I started reading up alot and have done it now for a week.
    Eventually i came to open the map and take a look at it, just the vanilla map i got from Buelltooth. I went throught the steps i figured out i needed to go throught

    -Extract the fuelmap from the XPR file with xprfuelmapextractor
    -Used the BUEIB.xdf file linked from

    Then i had the MSQ file, so i opend it in Ecmspy and got these fuel maps:

    Front -
    Rear -

    As i said, i've read around this and some other buell forums and from what i've learned, this looks wrong.
    First of the cell differ alot from back to back and teh TPS colums looks just off.

    So what i want help with?
    Well, just some clarification that either im stupid and miss alot of steps and the map might be fine, or is the map totally broken?

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    The map is not totally broken, I experienced this as well opening a buelltooth tune in .xpr format by using XPRfuelmapextractor then opening in ECMspy. I couldn't figure out how to get it to open in ECMspy either so if someone else knows how to get .xpr format to display correctly in ECMspy I'm curious too. If you just open the .xpr straight in Tunerpro RT it will look correct (no pretty colors) but cell values should line up correctly showing a smooth map.

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    File format issue or perhaps ecm firmware mis-match?

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