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Thread: bike fell over

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    bike fell over

    Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 10:26 pm: **I am looking for some can tell me what parts are called or where I get them i was pulling my bike out garage during process i came across water spot slipped with bike wrecked windshield assembly part that window screw on to aluminum part hopefully can see by pics what i am talking about and need*

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    CHICAGO: ya little rascal u! finest effort to date. by the way that pic has been floating around the worldwideweb for 5 years now. still......nicely done!
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    Good call John ,^^^^^ in addition to that it takes more than a slip and fall in the drive way to do that kind of damage.

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    Looks like the bike was dumped and slid into something. Definitely not just a garage slip.

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    Damn he's back again? He likes you guys I think

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