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Thread: Possible Trouble Spots Post-Accident

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    Possible Trouble Spots Post-Accident

    I lowsided my 2003 XB9R after someone decided that stopping dead in front of me on a major highway in the passing lane was a good idea. I'm OK,a little banged up, but so is the Firebolt (literally the day I got it working properly with extra cooling to the rear cylinder using a Ulysses air scoop...)

    It didn't tumble, but slid down the highway on the left side. I'm wondering if there are any spots I should be examining in order to see if the bike's a write off or not. I didn't smell gas, but there was a puddle of oil under it and the shifter broke off. So far, it looks like the following:
    - side case
    - shifter assembly
    - signal light
    - mirror
    - hand grip

    Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Check the front rear engine mount, they are a weak point

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    A little slide shouldn't total the bike. You didn't say whether you have frame pucks on it or not but frame damage is the only thing that kills the value of these things. Functionally these can take an absolute beating. Get the parts from the classifieds here, and be sure to inspect everything well, and get back to riding quick!

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    I do have frame pucks on it - wouldn't be without them.

    I'll have a look at the classifieds once I have a look at the bike and draw up a parts list. I'm looking at it as an opportunity to fix things that the previous owner did that I don't like... like cheap aftermarket LED turn signals.


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