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Thread: Good deal? 2008 1125R All Stock 3k miles

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    Good deal? 2008 1125R All Stock 3k miles

    2008 1125R for $4k. What do you think?

    Looked at it the other day. 100% Stock, no mods, 2nd owner. Looked it over good and appears no issues... cold start good. Guy is firm at $4k.

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    Sounds like a good deal, any pics?

    Check this one out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverrider View Post
    Sounds like a good deal, any pics?

    Check this one out
    Yeah. Saw that one on other page.

    Didn't take pictures of the 1125R i'm looking at but other than the normal brake dust on the wheels it is very clean. Has stock tires with good tread but being 10 years old it will need new. Assuming wheel nuts will be a bitch to get off. Anyway, wanting to pull the trigger... just waiting for more input. Cooter?

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    Honestly with no pics or history, or details, everyones just guessing. Is he the original owner? It's not a 'deal' price by far, but it's a fair price if thats the bike you like and everything really is is perfect.

    With no info the biggest problem I see is that it's got such low mileage. 333-ish miles a YEAR, and I'll do that in a weekend. The ratio of cold starts with old oil, old gas, charging system strain... yikes. A garage queen like that gets started cold and revved to redline in neutral when the owner is bored or , or . It's probably ok, but unless your building a museum, the low mileage is definitely not a plus... it's a minus...

    I bet the tires have tread but how OLD are they? Code is on the sidewall. Stored outside and been cleaned recently? UV rays are terrible on rubber everything. Who knows? its a barely used 9 year old bike.

    Shop around and even check evil-bay before you get too excited. An 1125R is a hell of a street bike, but you can damn near find an 1190 with minor issues for a bit more and that sucker is a whole. new. level.

    I'll split these with you

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