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Thread: ECM spy gurus

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    ECM spy gurus

    Hi guys, so this weekend i drove about an hour to meet up with a fellow Bueller on here (Marc83) and we toyed around with some of the maps he has. He has a thread posted in the troubleshooting section, which had caught my eye as he is local- somewhat, and has the same ECMid as me. So in reference, he has 2 race maps, one from ECMDroid - which made his bike, and my bike both run into the AFV to the 80s and bounce around between 80-99. I flashed this map onto my bike, and data logged it. you could noticably tell when the bikes AFV was in the 80-90s and it felt extremely sluggish if you tried to punch it.
    He also had a race/hybrid map he had got from a member on here, which runs fairly good, with the AFV staying around 105-110 on both our bikes.

    anywho, he does not have ECM spy, so i had brought my laptop so we could inspect the fuel maps between the two. He has ECM Droid so not able to look at this information.

    Now, I am far from being able to process this type of data!! i have read the ECM spy tuning manual about two times, some sections like 5 and i still am mind boggeled. I have located Gatorbuells tuning thread which seems the best step by step for me to follow.

    Now my question is for you gurus on here, i just wanted to post pics of the two maps - fuel/timing setups and get your opinions.

    My thoughts between the two maps: ECM droid, kinda hard to explain, the timing, feels like it gives the bike a better vibe, just has a nicer hum to the engine, and revs. Low throttle inputs of 1-15% seems a bit inconsistent. depending where the AFV is it can surge a TAD at steady throttle. almost zero decel pop. seems to run noticeably cooler.

    hybrid map runs good, throttle inputs at all ranges seem steady and consistent. a lot of decel popping. If only i could combine these two maps and mesh them together.

    So here is the first map which runs a tad lean - a copy of the map youd get off of Buellmods / EBR race ECM





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    and heres the Really RICH ECM Droid map





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    There are many different "race" maps. Before you start modifying a map that doesn't work well on your bike, I would suggest getting one that matches the muffler you have and most importantly, one that lets your AFV stay very close to 100. 95-105 is good in my book.

    Yes, you can see the map info on ECMDroid, but I just don't know how to read it confidently....yet

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    Hi cooter, my interest in these "eeprom maps" is that the ECM Droid is supposed to be for the drummer/hawk, k&n and breather re-route mod (setup i have witht he drummer). And makes the bike run like crap, for the most part. where i changed the square idle on he droid map in hopes of it not stalling on Marc83s bike, the values were in the 110+ range for those 4 cell values, so this is somewhat of a fair-warning to those that choose to run these maps, or specifically this one for a BUEIB id. i wonder if since all his maps are for the newer 08+ bikes firmware, his conversion software for changing the ECM ID is messing somethings up, just comparing it to the EBR race map its quiet odd everywhere, from the fuel to timing maps.
    Thats all i was curious to see what more experienced folks that have a actual knowledge (compared to myself) of these fuel/timing maps thought of the ECMdroid map.

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