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Thread: 1190 RX/SX Fork Oil Level

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    I agree konarider, my comments were only meant to expand on your useful info. Sorry if they were misunderstood.

    I don't have a SX/RX service manual but I'm SHOCKED that spec wasn't included in it!? Heck, even the lame 'how-do-I-use-my-turnsignals' owners manual should list capacities?? Thats a pretty bad oversight, especially for a track oriented motorcycle.

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    Yea I definitely took it the wrong way.

    The manual is pretty bad though, its just a series of videos. To find the torque specifications you have to open the part catalog manual and the exploded views have all the torque values. There was no procedure at all for the fork rebuild. Showa big piston forks are also a little different than anything else Ive done before.

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