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Thread: buell xb12r for part out

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    buell xb12r for part out

    Hello everyone I have a Buell XB12R 4 part out I have the complete bike the top end on the motor is bad, the XB12R is a complete bike everything is for sale on the bike just PM me or message for your needs the parts list is too long just make me an offer on all prices thank youScreenshot_2017-09-18-15-19-15.jpg20170924_124552.jpg20170924_155548.jpg20170924_155515.jpg
    here's some packages I'm going to try to sell first before breaking everything apart.
    Brake kit= the kit comes with full front caliper brake line and to front Brake Masters one Factory stock and the other is a Nissin , also comes with the full rear brake setup caliper line and Reservoir $250 shipped
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    Hey SGS, What muffler was on the bike? What condition is it in?

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    If it had straight pipes and a killer tune in the ecm I'll take both!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wickedchop View Post
    If it had straight pipes and a killer tune in the ecm I'll take both!!!!!!
    throw in a buelltooth and a k-mart tablet and wally and i will split the pot.

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    All I want is the right race map!

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    I believe it's a stock pipe not sure just learning buells my xb9s has a racing exhaust and some Bluetooth tablet for tuning but will take pics of the exhaust

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    I need the passenger foot pegs and brackets shipped to 63122. Let me know...

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    The muffler is in real good shape and has one big tip off one side and headers are the same I'm trying to put a pic up but having trouble with it

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